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Community Events for you!


Community Hall Cleanup

We are having a community hall cleanup on Saturday May 13 from 10 to 2.
 If you have some time to spare, please come out and help clean up the hall and around the parks.
Light lunch provided.
Thanks and have a great summer.

Needed treasurer for the community league. Interested individuals contact or call Tony @ 780-975-0771 for more information.

The Older, Bolder, Better! seniors tradeshow and symposium 


Canora Ice Rink Info

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   SPANN (Stony Plain Road and Area News Network)
Visit our friends at the link on the right for more area news and reviews. SPANN is stony plains own local news source

Question of the week

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
(Bat Man ? Iron Man ?)

Thank you to Art hive

Art hive was back to Canora Community League August 18.

Many came and let their creative side out. Some supplies where provided, and many donated.

Get Buzzing

ART HIVE is looking for your miscellaneous items!!

Drop off at the hall items like:
֎ Buttons
֎ Toilet paper rolls
֎ Paint
֎ Wine Corks
֎ Felt
֎ Paint brushes
֎ Yarn/string/rope/Egg cartons
֎ Canvases
֎ Old crayons/Scissors/tape/glue

Any another random items used for crafting 

We need Volunteers

Canora Community League Needs You!!!!
The board is currently looking for new members.

Out of our 12 board members only 4 currently live in the community.

We have a great team in place and lots of support but need more people from the community to be invested in the community.  Join our board with any of the open positions.

Canora Park Watch
Upcoming Events

Canora Park Watch
This April, we are gearing up for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 8, 2023.
Thanks to everyone who came out to support us in 2022, We had an incredible year. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2023.

Stay tuned for more news and events.

Constable Corner

Back to school ABC's


Did you know?

The Edmonton Sport Council is a non-profit Society funded primarily by the City of Edmonton. We maintain a database of Edmonton sport and active recreation organizations that the public can access free at:

We also maintain a database of Edmonton (and area) sport facilities

Both databases have brief descriptions of the organizations' programs or facilities with a link to their website.

In addition, the Sport Council website provides relevant information on current sport and active recreation issues, resources for both individuals and organizations, and extensive links to other sport and physical activity websites.

About Us

You have reached the online home of the Canora Community League - an area of Edmonton from Stony Plain Road to 107 ave and between 149 and 156 street


Canora Community Spirit & Pride, Extensive Programs, Community Safety and Improved Facilities are the wonderful byproducts of community members working together. Canora Community League has hosted annual Spring Carnivals, Pancake Breakfasts, Country Swing Dances, Community Garage Sales, Halloween Parties, Fall / Winter Carnivals and Christmas Gifts for the area children just to name a few of our events made possible through the efforts of our volunteers and City funded Programs.

We have recently undergone a redesign of our website. Our goal was to update our site to be a more accurate representation of our vibrant, active community, and we pledge to keep the site up to date with information about our community, as well as items occuring in Edmonton that we think might be interesting to you, our neighbours. Thanks to the volunteers that made this all happen


Canora Community League 
is pleased to provide Telus FREE wifi . Enjoy the speed and reliability of Telus wifi, free here at Canora Community League.
For more information, please visit :


Phone: (780) 489-6007

10425 - 152 STREET

Rental information

For information on renting the hall for your event, contact our rental representative at:
Phone: (780) 489-6007

Here are our current rates.

Security Deposit Rental Amount Rental Amount (Cash or certified cheque)

Damage Deposit $750.00 (Cash or certified cheque)
Damage Deposit is due when keys are picked up for rental.

Day Rate – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday night/Saturday 5:00 pm Friday until 2:00 Saturday
Weekend – Friday 5:00 pm to Sunday 2:00 pm or otherwise arranged.
Extra hours charged at $75.00 per hour.

Hourly (2hr min 4 max) $75.00
Day Rental $400.00
Fri Night/Sat $500.00
Weekend Rental $750.00

Security and Rental payments must be cash, money order or certified cheque.

Any rentals in the hall must have $2 million liability insurance and have the Canora Community League as co-insured.

Hall capacity - 271.

Note: we are in the process of using Square as a method of payment.


Community League Memberships

You can soon buy your Community League membership directly from us

$30 $15

Our Contacts


10425 152 St NW,
Edmonton, AB
T5P 4P1


Phone: (780) 489-6007 


Join our Board. We are looking for some people from our community to join our Board of Directors. 

If you are interested in sitting on the board and making a difference in your community, 
please email, sit on the board and have your say on how Canora Community League interacts with the community.

Tony Lovell
1st Vice President
Susan McCuaig 
2nd Vice President
Steven Landry
Vacant ↔ This could be you
Erin Robinson 
Event Director
Vacant ↔ This could be you
Jean Dubois 
Val Park
Director at Large
Vacant ↔ This could be you

ENW / Net Zero
Joanne Heft

Building Director 
Anthony Lovell
Goods & Wellness
Eva Squires
Bingo Director
Vacant ↔ This could be you
Casino Director
Peter Helten
Programs Director
Val Park
Sports Director
Steven Landry
Park Watch
Deckla Landgren 
Youth Director
Vacant ↔ This could be you
Director at Large
Vacant ↔ This could be you
Eva Spence

Canora Community League Ice Rinks


1. Use rinks at your own risk
2. Helmets are mandatory on the hockey rink and for skaters under 18 years of age on the small rink
3. Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes
with other skater’s safety or pleasure is strictly forbidden.
4. No sticks or pucks during casual skating on small rink.
5. No fighting, pushing, checking, foul language,
smoking, Vaping, spitting or high sticking.
6. Alcohol and/or drugs are not permitted on the premises.
7. Rink Attendant/Supervisor’s Word is Final.
 Skating hours are Monday-Friday 5pm – 9pm,
Saturday & Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm.

☼ Hours may be split depending on number of skaters. 5-7 & 7-9
☼ Canora Community League reserves the right to revoke privileges from any person who does not obey rules, shows unacceptable conduct or for any other just cause.
☼ Canora Community League assumes no
responsibility for the actions of other individuals.
☼ Canora Community League reserves the right to change or edit these rules at any time.

*The entrance to the rink is at the side door to the hall

Canora Rinks
Cost $ TBA  

5 -9 Monday to Friday
Sat. 1 -9 Sun 1-5


10425 152St
Edmonton Alberta
T5P 4P1

Phone: 780-489-6007
Fax: Comming Soon

5 -9 Monday to Friday
Sat. 1 -9 Sun 1-5


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